A patent can prevent others from copying your invention.  Patents can also be used to generate revenue through licensing and get attention from investors. 


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Buyers regularly pay a premium for branded products.  Registering your brand as a US Trademark can help prevent others from riding off your reputation. 


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Copyrights protect artistic expressions fixed in a tangible medium.  Copyright protection extends beyond your actual to work to also include derivatives.


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 Welcome to Wagenknecht IP ®


You're excited but also a little nervous. You've worked hard to develop your product, and your brand is your reputation. You also know that without proper protection, others can divert sales away from you and ride off your good name.  And if you're seeking investment, the deal may depend on your commercial advantage.  What stops someone else from offering the same product or service for sale?


Your IP is Everything.  I Get It.  Your Success is My Priority.

In 2005, I started the Wagenknecht IP Law Group to patent inventions for San Diego's life science start-ups.  Since then, we've grown!  We've expanded our  technology expertise and now represent complex medical device systems, electronics, and wireless and computer technologies.

We've also added a trademark practice.  We register trademarks and represent brands in trademark opposition proceedings and litigation. 


But We Haven't Stopped There.

We also continue to develop relationships with Investors looking for new opportunities, SPACs looking for acquisitions and assist with M&A.  We can help license patents, trademarks, and copyrights worldwide.  


I Mean it.  Your Success is My Priority!

Once you are ready to protect your IP, please reach out for an introductory call.


Raymond Wagenknecht
Managing Attorney

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Here's What We Do


Is your invention patentable? Are you concerned about others copying your invention? Looking to develop an international patent portfolio?  Would launching your invention infringe someone else's patent?

We've obtained over 250 US patents and manage large international patent portfolios. We also help clear products before launch. 

How Can We Help with YOUR Project?

  • Customize a patent strategy for your business?
  • Conduct a patent search to assess the patentability of your invention?
  • File a US Provisional Patent Application so you can be Patent Pending?
  • Convert your US Provisional Patent Application into a Non-Provisional US Patent Application for examination? 
  • Protect what your device looks like using a Design Patent?
  • Pursue your invention internationally with a PCT Patent Application?  
  • License your US Patent?
  • Assess the valuation of a US Patent?
  • Assess Freedom to Operate (FTO) in a particular field?
  • Implement an Invention Disclosure Procedure in your company?


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Do you use distinctive words, phrases, or designs in your branding?  Have you trademarked your company name yet? We help register trademarks for names, logos, sounds, symbols, and even performances to rise above the competition both in the US and internationally.

Are you interested in pursuing a trademark but concerned about infringing the rights of others?  We conduct trademark searches to assess potential confusion in the marketplace. 

Do you need to protect a trademark that you intend to use in the future?  We can begin the trademark registration process before product launch by filing an intent-to-use trademark application so that issues can be resolved early.

Is your trademark being challenged? We also enforce trademarks in trademark infringement actions, represent brand owners in trademark opposition proceedings, and trademark cancellation proceedings. 

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Are you more interested in creating than paperwork? While you are busy creating, let us handle the protection.  We evaluate creative works to identify the appropriate form of intellectual property protection - whether design patent, trademark or copyright.  While most consider copyright the primary approach for protecting creative works, it might not be the best or the most appropriate.

For copyrightable works, we can assist with obtaining a copyright registration in the US and abroad, and assist with copyright marking.

We also assess whether potential copycats are protected as being a derivate work and thus a violation.  We enforce copyrights.

What Makes Us Different? 

We SIMPLIFY the process of identifying WHAT can be protected and HOW to protect it.

Let us handle the legal mumbo-jumbo.  You have a business to run.

Here is what you'll find working with us:

  • WE GET RESULTS - Our Attorneys and Staff are Passionate and Very Good at what they do
  • EASY TO WORK WITH - Appointments are scheduled online at your convenience and we can provide as much or as little help needed
  • INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION - We have a global reach and maintain close relationships with cost effective specialists in foreign countries
  • NO HIDDEN FEES - We have a project-based billing policy to avoid confusion 
  • QUARTERLY IP PORTFOLIO REPORTS to help with your scheduling
  • INVESTMENT ASSISTANCE - We'll notify you of upcoming opportunities to pitch investors and collaborate with others

What Are You Waiting For?


!! Let's Get Started !! 

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"After interviewing 5 other patent attorneys for a medical device, we started to have serious concerns regarding the process.  Within 5 minutes of speaking with Raymond we knew that he had our best interest in mind, was clear and concise, displayed technical expertise, and was trustworthy.  He was upfront regarding potential successes and hurdles, which we appreciated and gave us a clear and consolidated cost quote for the medical device patent." 

Medical Device Company 
San Diego, CA

"Raymond has been my attorney for over 15 years.  I now consider him not only a trusted member of my team but also a true friend."

"He has helped me obtain numerous patents and trademarks.  The work is always top quality and he stays within our agreed upon budget. Before I pursue any new ideas I always send them to Raymond for patent protection." 

Wireless Electronics
San Dimas, CA


"When I first spoke to Raymond he was incredibly helpful.  He not only helped me get a patent but he also helped me design the experiments needed to convince the patent office."

Nutritional Supplements
Honolulu, HI





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