Initial Consultation

Your first meeting with one of our intellectual property attorneys is referred to as a consultation.  You’ll have questions for us and we will have questions for you, which cannot be accomplished in a five minute phone call. The consultation is a one-time meeting averaging 1 hour.


What does it cost?

We offer initial consultations at a flat rate of $300 for up to one hour, which includes follow up questions. Your payment is due before you leave our office and only covers your meeting that day. Although we prefer to meet with you in person, we offer prepaid telephone consultations if needed. We accept payments via check, money order, cash or credit card.


When should I call?

You may want a consultation just to gather information; or, you may wish to begin the patent or trademark process.  When you’re ready to talk about your options, please call our office and be prepared to disclose the general nature of the matter, any counter parties for a quick conflict check, and some dates and times to meet. It generally takes one week to get an appointment.


What should I bring?

What to bring depends on the type of case you need our help with. If it is a patent matter please bing any prototypes or drawings.  If it is a trademark matter please bring any files of the mark itself and any items displaying the mark.


When do you officially become my lawyer?

Neither booking nor having a consultation with us makes us your attorney. The initial interview is not only an opportunity to gather information, but is a time for you to determine if you would like to hire us to represent you. You may refer to us as your lawyers once you sign a written engagement letter and pay advanced fees – also known as a retainer – which we will secure in a trust account for you.