Consumer Devices

Wagenknecht IP ® helps inventors patent inventions for consumer devices that improve everyday life.  Our consumer device practice combines extensive experience with a variety of electrical, mechanical and optical inventions.  Representative client technologies include:

  • Injket printing
  • Sporting goods
  • Computer and cellphone accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Pet accessories
  • Shoes

Representative Consumer Device Patents

  • US 9,390,846 – Magnetic fluid suitable for dot-on-demand inkjet printing and method of making
  • US 9,323,485 – Verifiable check and security document system
  • US 9,066,496 – Automatic smart watering apparatus
  • US 8,365,553– Jewelry item for selective display of colored regions hidden beneath a gemstone
  • US 8,365,443– Shoe with transverse aperture and cover
  • US 8,281,514– Organic insect extermination lamp
  • US 8,137,207– Golf swing practice apparatus
  • US 8,069,597– Multipurpose advertisement board
  • US 7,854,086– Fishing rod with ergonomic handle
  • US 7,537,477– Power cable tension control device