Electronics & Instrumentation

In some inventions, a hardware’s structural architecture provides the inventive step over the state of the art, but in other inventions it is the combination of software and hardware that provides the contribution to the art.  Wagenknecht assesses both the structural characteristics of electrical inventions as well as functional steps used to carry out processes when developing comprehensive patent strategies.

Our patent attorneys have a working knowledge of many electrical principles and applications used in electrical field generation, laser systems, electric servos and switches. Wagenknecht works with companies developing:

  • Electrode-based measurement of cells and analytes
  • Flow cytometry
  • Microfluidics
  • Solar systems
  • Inkjet printing
  • Wireless communication

Representative Electronics & Instrumentation Patents

  • US 8,444,832– Apparatus and method for providing electrical contact for planar material in straight through installations
  • US 8,420,924– Electromagnetic field pickup for musical instruments
  • US 8,344,742– Real time electronic cell sensing system and applications for cytotoxicity profiling and compound assays
  • US 8,088,227– Method and apparatus for the treatment of objects, in particular for the cleaning of semiconductor elements
  • US 8,044,376– Devices and methods for protection against exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • US 7, 572,127– Operating room educational television “OREDUTV”