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Enforcing and Challenging Trademarks

February 6 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Discover Everything You Really Need To Know About Enforcing and Challenging Trademarks!

IP Workshop Series


Event Time & Date: February 6th, from 5pm-7pm (PST)
Gravity Heights – 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, San Diego

Cost: Only $10! (Includes food, soft drinks and 1 drink ticket) —

QUESTIONS?  Call:  “Andy” 619-933-6059


Our private game room has limited capacity only, so sign up early to secure your seat!

Due to the limited seating, we ask our attorney friends to refrain from attending

Trademarks Are Serious Business – Why Not Protect Yourself?

You’re probably well aware of huge brands like Apple, McDonald’s, BMW – and even smaller, yet highly popular brands. Many of these companies use trademarks in their own business to distinguish themselves from the competition. This could be in the form of a specific trademarked symbol, word, phrase, image, sound – or a unique combination of all these things.

Trademarks have one central goal and objective, which is to help boost brand awareness. This means making them instantly recognizable and most of all, memorable.  This type of powerful influence and branding helps consumers choose one company’s products or services over the competition.

Since consumers and loyal buyers can pay a premium price for branded products and/or services, trademark owners are always at high risk of being ripped off. This can involve practices like counterfeiting, which can divert sales and profits away from the main brand. It can also tarnish the goodwill of the product or service owner. In fact, Brand counterfeiting has become a $1.2+ trillion industry and now accounts for 2.5% of world trade.

The more you can know and fully understand how and when to trademark, how to challenge them, and also how to enforce them – the better. This type of knowledge can not only save you a tremendous amount of time and money, but also a lot of frustration and headaches.


Enforcing & Challenging Trademarks – An Exclusive Trademark Seminar

We’d like to have you join us for this very informative, yet eye-opening seminar on enforcing and challenging trademarks. During this exclusive 2-hour event, you’ll discover what it really takes to effectively protect your company brand and trademarks.


Here’s exactly what you’ll discover during the seminar…

    • When you should actually use TM vs ® – and also the most critical and key differences between them when it comes to litigation!
    • The vital elements that greatly strengthen a trademark, as well as what can weaken the trademark as well – knowing this difference is huge!
    • The best way to determine if your own trademark is actually being infringed, and what you should do about it. The sooner you take action, the better!
    • The actual steps you need to take if someone registers your trademark before you. This can be very frustrating, but there is a workable solution!
    • How you can invalidate trademarks – and without the hassles and unnecessary costs of going to court. This can be truly empowering once you understand the process!
    • The most important and essential resources fully available to you that can be a great reference point when self-policing your very own trademark!


You’ll discover all the important information above plus even more during this discussion!


Gravity Heights
9920 Pacific Heights Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121 United States
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