Trademark Counseling

Wagenknecht IP Law Group is a trademark law firm helping corporations and individuals federally register brands and logos.  Trademark registration is available for  distinctive words, names, symbols, or devices used to identify the source of goods or services.

Wagenknecht trademark attorneys:

  • Conduct world-wide trademark searches
  • File use-based and intent-to-use trademark applications
  • File Madrid Protocol international trademark applications
  • Represent foreign companies before the US Trademark Office


® vs TM

The symbol ® indicates a trademark is federally registered; whereas, the symbol TM refers to a trademark that this not federally registered.  Benefits to a federal registration include:

  • Right to use the symbol ®
  • Right to file a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court and include monetary remedies
  • Preventing the registration of confusingly similar marks by others
  • Serve as the basis for an international trademark application


Principle vs Supplemental Trademark Register

Trademark registration can include registration on the Principle Register or the Supplemental Register.  The Principle Trademark Register is for trademarks that are inherently distinctive or have acquired distinctiveness over time.  The Supplemental Trademark Register is for Trademarks that are descriptive, yet can be used over time to acquire distinctiveness.  Benefits of Principle Register include:

  • Presumption that the mark is valid
  • Presumption that the registrant is the owner of the mark
  • Presumption that the registrant has the exclusive right to use the registered mark
  • Constructive notice of a claim of ownership


Please schedule a consultation with our trademark attorneys to discuss how  trademark registration can increase your brand equity.